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Maxitech offers Professional Engineering Services with proven expertise in Fire Protection Engineering, MEP Trading, Electrical Engineering ,Security and Automation. Maxitech, keeping in line with the objectives, provides quality work and timely completion of the projects to satisfy the clients.

Our portfolio of services encompasses the following activities:

Fire Protection Engineering »

Fire Engineering Solution from concept to commissioning basis in the following platforms.

Fire Sprinkler Systems
  » Wet and Dry
  » Deluge & Pre-Action
  » Fire Pumps and Tanks
  » Foam Systems
Fire Detection Systems
  » Fire Alarm
  » Smoke Detection
  » Heat Detection
  » Vesda Air Sampling
  » Linear Detection
  » UV / IR Flame Detection
  » Gas Detection
Fire Suppression
  » Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems (FM 200, NOVEC 1230)
  » Inert Suppression System
  » Kitchen Fire Suppression System
  » Marine Suppression System
  » Carbon Dioxide - CardoxLp Co2 System
  » Carbon Dioxide - Hp Co2 System
  » Detection And Control - Conventional
  » Detection And Control - Intelligent
  » Dry Chemical System
  » Air Sampling Smoke Detection
  » Heat Detection
  » Notification Appliances
  » Portable Fire Extinguishers
  » Smoke Detection
  » Vehicle System
Speciality Services
  » Inspections
  » Testing
  » Fire Extinguishers
  » Fan Testing
  » Clean Agent Refill

MEP Design Engineering »

We are specialized in Design and detailing of MEP Services with the depth knowledge of Indian and international standards. Our services include an exceptional quality with a guaranteed timely delivery of projects. We provide the following services for both new and existing facilities.

Our expertise covers MEP design & supervision including:

Electrical System »
Main Power Distribution, L V power distribution, Stand by power, Lighting distribution like Emergency lighting, External Lighting, Air craft lighting, Lighting control panels, Intelligent control systems, Small power details, Earthing, Lightning protection system, Voice and Data system, structured cabling system, Fire alarm detection system, Gate barrier system, CCTV, Time management system, P.A and Evacuation system.

HVAC System »
Design Parameters, Outdoor Conditions, Indoor Conditions, Description of the Air conditioning system, control Philosophy, Explanation of the system, Operation of Fresh air system, provision - Toilet Extract System, Basement car park Ventilation system and Fire control & prevention system.

Mechanical works »
Basis of design Area Description, Potable water services, storage and circulation, Hot water services and circulation, Foul water drainage system, drainage system, Fire system according to ROP/NFPA, Storm water services, Provision for pantry and Kitchen if any, Land scape and Irrigation system, Vertical transport system, BMS system.

MEP Trading »

    » Manhole Covers & Grating
    » Cable Trays and Floor Gratings
    » Signaling Systems
    » Automatic Parking solutions
    » Control Valves
    » Pumps: Fire Water, Municipal, infrastructure, HVAC, Boosters, Sweater Intake etc.
    » Mechanical Fittings & couplings
    » Automatic & Manual Sliding Gates / Barriers, Bollards, Road Blockers,Turnstiles, Under Vehicle Surveillance, Road Spikes,
        Access Control (Video, Audio & Biometric) Metal Detectors, Signal Jammers, X Ray M/C
    » Pre-engineered special hazards equipment etc.

Industrial Civil & Electro Mechanical »

    » Industrial Building construction projects
    » Temporary and permanent camp facilities (EPC)
    » Warehouse / Storage facilities, temporary and permanent shelters
    » Structural Steel works
    » Water Pumping Stations
    » Sewage Treatment Plants
    » All type of maintenance and repair works (FPS, MEP, Civil & Electro Mechanical)
    » Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries
    » Design Engineering of all MEP services
    » Project Management

Security Automation »

    » Integrated Security Systems
    » CCTV Systems
    » Alarm Monitoring Systems
    » Access Control Systems
    » Communication Systems
    » SRFID & Smart Card Solutions
    » Radar Systems
    » Fleet Management Systems
    » Road Barriers, Blockers & Bollards
    » IP Telephony

Communications »
    » Public Address System
    » Audio Visual System
    » IPTV System
    » Clock System

I.T & Telecom »

    » Full range of fiber optic cabling
    » Telecommunication and Equipment rooms
    » Testing and Certification to TIA / EIA & BICSI standards
    » Extended warranties on installation

    Our design and execution services include:

    Multimode and Single Mode Fiber Optic Systems »
        » Horizontal Cabling Systems
        » Backbone Distribution Systems
        » Horizontal and Backbone Cabling Pathway Systems

    Network Solutions »
        » Active Optical Network (AON)
        » Passive Optical Network (PON)

    Network Architecture »
        » FTTH, FTTB, FTTC, FTTN and FTTE



  Our team talent runs deep and covers multiple disciplines. You'll get all the services that you need to complete your project under our roof—from design to execution systems. You'll also discover that our commitment to accomplishing your goals brings out the very best in our teams. These qualities are acquired from a strong culture established by our company's founders.

Working in a collaborative environment energizes our teams. It enables us to go the extra mile for your project. We strive for quality and follow a reliable process that help us work efficiently.
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